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“Nothing helps change your perspective more than facing your own mortality.”

Nothing helps change your perspective more than facing your own mortality. If you were to read your obituary in tomorrow’s paper, would be happy with what it said? Would you like it to say something different? What could you do now to make it say something different?
With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can all reflect deeply about our lives and see ourselves in new ways. Most likely there will be things that need to change: attitudes, behaviours, habits, and even character traits are all possible to alter.
Change in most areas might seem impossible and most of us will not have the money like Alfred Nobel to do what he did. However, we do have God and God is not limited. He understands our weaknesses and failings, he is full of forgiveness and grace, and he has granted us the gift of repentance. Through all this we are empowered to see change in our life and to make new beginnings.
Although facing up to the reality of our lives can be confronting leading to discouragement, despair and disbelief, Jesus reveals just how much God loves us and wants us to be made whole. When the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives we are filled with hope, it becomes possible to become the people God wants us to be.
After this life-changing experience Alfred Nobel wrote, “Every man ought to have the chance to correct his epitaph in midstream and write a new one.” That is exactly what God has given each of us. Whatever you think about your life, and whatever others think about you, there is still opportunity to add to, or even change, your life. No matter the mistakes of the past, no matter one’s present circumstances, our God is the God of second chances.
Not many of us will read our own obituary like Alfred Nobel did. Yet God is gracious and you can call on him to help you honestly look at yourself.
But more than that, the Holy Spirit will strengthen you and enable you to become all that he and you would like to be. You can, in humility, help write your own epitaph.
Stephen L Baxter
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