“Silence the Christians!” (cont)

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Further, in NSW, police worker Curtis Cheng was murdered as he left work. It was a politico-religious act by a radicalised Muslim youth, yet most news outlets reported it merely as a politically motivated act leaving out details he was dressed in a black robe and shouting “Allah, Allah” at the time.

What is happening to Australia?

Then only days after the murder of Cheng, an ABC commentator on News 24 suggested, “We have to empower people in schools, people in mosques, people in churches to be able to see the beginnings of radicalisation.” (See comments about this assertion here.) Note, the “people in churches” inclusion. It is most surprising to hear that our youth and Bible study groups are supposedly hotbeds of radicalism and in need of monitoring by the authorities.
What is happening to Australia? When calling abortion an act of murder gets you banned; when opposing same sex marriage gets you dragged before the courts; and when teaching biblical truth is considered a dangerous form of radicalisation, we need to be aware of the significant changes taking place in our country, changes taking place before our very eyes.
While some might disagree with what Christians have to say, is that a reason to ban us? It is a sad day when the authorities criminalise challenging ideas and deny the public to opportunity to decide for themselves the validity of what they hear.
It may sound somewhat alarmist, but are we close to the day when Christians will lose the right to express religious points of view? Will the airing of Christian beliefs soon become a crime? But, perhaps it is not so alarmist after all. The early Christians, Christians throughout history, and Christians around the world have, and do face, such opposition. Maybe we will experience it too.
If so, may we be ready to explain our hope as believers in a gentle and respectful way remembering that if we are insulted for our hope in Jesus Christ we are indeed blessed (1 Peter 3:15-16, 4:14).
Stephen L Baxter
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