Life! In All Its Fullness (cont)

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Here before me was a giant mass of humanity, thousands of people living a life I knew nothing of, yet somehow I was part of them and they part of me. Together we were taking part in this thing we call life.Tokyo at night, Aug 2014

Seven billion people on planet earth partake of life every day. None of us generates it, none of us makes it happen, one day we were born and it just happened. Now we get up each morning and live another day.

There is something about getting away from the routines of one’s own life and being in an unfamiliar place that helps us see the world, and our own lives, from a different vantage point. I find that times like these often cause me to reflect and wonder of the mystery of life. I’m taken out of the routine of my life which seems to have little wonder and momentarily I’m captivated in sheer awe of the reality of our existence.

It is in moments like these that the mystery and wonder of it all are a witness and evidence of the reality of God. In that moment I see clearly that there is a God, and if there is no God, then life, the universe and everything else becomes utterly meaningless.

Sadly, the moment didn’t last very long. Those moments never do. It seemed to be just an instant before we were back into our holiday with things to do and other places to see.

Since returning and reflecting on that moment I’ve noted how an activity that was mundane, routine and unexceptional for thousands of people was a trigger of deep reflection for me. The wonder of life was far removed from them, yet strangely close to me.

It encouraged me to remember that all the ordinary, routine and mundane moments in my life are in reality full of this wonderful thing we call life. The everydayness and normalness of our lives blind us to the wonder of it all. We are so busy living our lives that we miss the wonderful mystery present in every moment.

Coming home I’m encouraging myself not to take my life for granted, but to be awake to the wonder of each moment God gives me. For life is an immense and imponderable mystery which we should never stop giving thanks to God for.

Stephen L Baxter

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2 thoughts on “Life! In All Its Fullness (cont)

  1. Lyn Head says:

    Hi Stephen,
    So true. I live in Port Lincoln – 15,000 people. It’s an event with five cars banked up!! Sophie has been to Japan on an exchange but we haven’t yet. It must have been a lovely holiday for you both.
    Love to you both,
    Lyn Head

    • Hi Lyn ! If you get the chance and take advantage of some cheap flights like we did, Japan is well worth the visit. However, I’m sure that a trip to Port Lincoln to watch the ‘event’ could still be immersed with the same wonder and mystery. Stephen

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