All Change! (cont)

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Yet change is inevitable. We get older, our children grow up; we make discoveries and technological advances; we have fashion trends and fresh idea. We have gradual, incremental change, and we have sudden unexpected changes. And often we have no choice but to accept them.
We can easily slip into negativity especially when we don’t know how the change will ultimately affect us and our world. Just like the governor of New York who saw railroads as a threat signalling the end of the world as he knew it, we too are threatened by new things. He was right of course, ‘railroads’ did change America, but not in the disastrous way he anticipated.

A mandate
We have a mandate to oversee our world and bring order to it

We, as God’s people, should be able to handle change. After all, God is a God who initiates change. At the beginning God created the universe out of nothing. We are the product of his work and we were given planet earth as a place to live and work. We have a mandate to oversee our world and bring order to it (Genesis 1:28). Even our rebellion in the Garden of Eden did not stop God’s plans. He is now at work transforming our lives into the likeness of Jesus. Change is inevitable if you are a follower of Jesus.
We have no reason to be threatened or afraid of change. Yes, there are the evils that exist in the world, and they are to be resisted, but undergirding reality of it all is that God is good. He has won the victory, conquered evil and is changing this world into something wonderful (Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 21:4 etc.).
Yes, horrible things happen not just in the world but also in our own lives, and we are sometimes tempted to doubt whether God has everything in hand. We begin to wonder whether God’s way is always the best. Once we begin to doubt God’s power and goodness our willingness to accept change falters. Once doubt has set in we are no longer open to change. In fact we begin to fear and resist it.
Yet, we have every reason to be full of hope and joy and we should resist these temptations. Whenever we are tempted we can stop and remember God is a good God who has things in hand. His promise is, “I am making all things new” (Revelation 21:5). God-inspired change is inevitable and necessary.
One day there will be a re-creation of all things. On that day all that is broken will be repaired, the incomplete will be fulfilled, all wrongs will be righted, and disease and pain will be healed. Let us therefore be open to the changes God is bringing and work with him in it.
Stephen L Baxter
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