A Curious Christmas

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent and at Hobart Baptist, we began our reflection on the events of the first Christmas. Over the coming four week period Christians traditionally use this as a time of remembering and anticipating the uniqueness of ‘Emmanuel’ – God with us!

Businesswoman standing on a ladder looking through binoculars

Looking back and forward reminds us how we are living in history between Jesus’ first coming, and his second

We remember by looking back to Christ’s first coming and we anticipate by looking forward to his second. Looking back and forward reminds us how we are living in between these two significant events. Historically Jesus became a human being, was crucified, buried and on the third day rose to life. Death was defeated and the future secured.

Looking forward we imagine the day when the full implications of Christ’s victory will be seen and experienced. Until that day we continue to live in a world plagued with sin, injustice and war while we anticipate the day when Jesus will return as King and all creation is reconciled to God.

This year our Advent theme is “A Curious Christmas: Matthew’s Story.” Matthew is one of two gospels, Matthew and Luke telling us anything about the birth of Jesus birth each with their own unique focus.

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